Cliff Mitchell - 02/07/2018

Britain wishes it had never voted to leave the EU.

Monthly averages - negative for 9 straight months

A 14th straight YouGov poll shows Britain wishes it had never voted to leave the EU.

YouGov have been tracking public opinion on Brexit for 2 years now and the latest results(1) show that for the 14th time in succession Britain wishes it had never voted Leave!

This chart shows all those YouGov polls grouped into monthly averages. Opinion of Brexit has been negative, on average, for nine straight months(2)

Brexit Tracker

On top of that, a large majority (67%) of people think the government is doing badly at negotiating the UK’s withdrawal from the EU.

Government badly handling negotiations

Only 26% think the Tory party has a clear policy on Brexit while a staggeringly low 14% think Labour has a clear policy. That may well be linked to the fact that, unbelievably, more people (32%) trust Teresa May to negotiate our exit from the EU than Jeremy Corbyn (14%). Perhaps most tellingly more people (38%) say they would trust neither(2).

  3. The raw YouGov data are available here:


Cliff Mitchell
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