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Dear Karen Bradley

Like me, you must be deeply concerned at the truly shocking hatred and division that now infects our national debate and the dangerous rise of extreme nationalism unleashed by the Brexit debate – the repeated lessons of history seem to be so easily forgotten.

Cliff Mitchell Read...

Hugo Dixon and Lord Hannay - thoughts.

Hugo Dixon and Lord Hannay sharing insights with Remain campaigners

Anonymous Read...

These 5 EU trade myths are Brexiter nonsense.

Five myths about EU trade that Brexit ministers should bear in mind.

Nick Kent Read...

EU trade has dwindled? Oh not it hasn't!

Since we joined the EU per capita GDP of the UK economy has grown by 103%

Cliff Mitchell Read...

The Brexit Video

People deserve to know the truth about Brexit and the EU. It's not too late to #StopBrexit.

The Get The Truth Team Read...

Brexit speech by John Major

A superb speech, full of clarity and common sense, by Sir John Major, explaining why Brexit would be a disaster!

Sir John Major Read...

This is probably the most chilling speech I have ever listened to.

It resonates with the hard right rhetoric of the extreme Brexiteers: the same tactics of division, lies, misinformation, creating an ‘enemy’ of those who have different views, and creating a siege mentality where everyone who is not one of ‘us’ is attacking our values, beliefs and our way of life.

Cliff Mitchell Read...

Even a cricket club wouldn’t be able to change its constitution on a simple majority’.

I do not consider myself to be smug, self-centred or squalid nor am I from a metropolis although I have to confess to a university education and 40 years working in the public sector.

Dr Pennie Roberts Read...

An open letter to Boris Johnson

Our hearts are scarred

Toby Morse Read...

Brexit - it’s personal, and emotional.

My heart really sinks when I hear “Britain is leaving the European Union”.

Clive Trussell Read...
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