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This is probably the most chilling speech I have ever listened to.

It resonates with the hard right rhetoric of the extreme Brexiteers: the same tactics of division, lies, misinformation, creating an ‘enemy’ of those who have different views, and creating a siege mentality where everyone who is not one of ‘us’ is attacking our values, beliefs and our way of life.

Cliff Mitchell Read...

Even a cricket club wouldn’t be able to change its constitution on a simple majority’.

I do not consider myself to be smug, self-centred or squalid nor am I from a metropolis although I have to confess to a university education and 40 years working in the public sector.

Dr Pennie Roberts Read...

An open letter to Boris Johnson

Our hearts are scarred

Toby Morse Read...

Brexit - it’s personal, and emotional.

My heart really sinks when I hear “Britain is leaving the European Union”.

Clive Trussell Read...

Brexit, it’s emotional - 2.


Clive Trussell Read...

I did say that I would send letters explaining my strong emotional reasons against brexit.

It's taking longer than I thought, because there are that many reasons it would take a book!

Clive Trussell Read...

80% of young women voted Remain!

In this centenary year of women’s suffrage we owe it to women to respect their vote and stop Brexit.

Cliff Mitchell Read...

All those Brexit forecasts were NOT wrong!

None of the possible Brexit scenarios would actually be better for the economy than remaining in the EU.

Cliff Mitchell Read...

Call me old fashioned but I need experts - the economic impact of Brexit

I am not an economist but I really want to understand the economic impact of Brexit, and get beyond the misinformation, point scoring, and outright lies that abound today.

Cliff Mitchell Read...

Just say ‘No’ to government’s Brexit waffle

Time is short to change public opinion. Pro-Europeans must seek every chance to force ministers to expose hard choices and concrete plans.

Bill Emmott Read...
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