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04/03/2024 Pedalling into history: the restoration and revitalisation of Eldon Street ,,Barnsley Civic Hall

Cycling specialists JE James will be the latest tenants of the old YMCA as Eldon Street's restoration continues

Yorkshire Bylines Local News: Pedalling into history: the restoration and revitalisation of Eldon Street

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04/03/2024 Westminster and the missing millions of voters ,,a broken system

14 years of Tory rule has left the country in crisis yet many voters have little faith in Labour – how can we change a broken system?

Yorkshire Bylines Local News: Westminster and the missing millions of voters

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03/03/2024 "Male-Dominated" Fire and Rescue Service Set To Face MPs' Scrutiny ,,Labour MP and committee chair Diana Johnson has said “completely inappropriate” behaviour in the “male-dominated” fire and rescue services requires urgent investigation, as an inquiry is due to begin in Parliament this week. www.politicshome.com Visit...
03/03/2024 Jeremy Hunt knows Brexit Britain can’t afford to cut taxes ,,

The chancellor is prepared to inflict yet more austerity to pay for a budget bribe. But the UK needs more spending, not less

“When I was young, it grew on me by the minute
That we were outside Europe and should be in it
Now I am old and we are back outside it
I simply can’t abide it.”

This clerihew was sent to me out of the blue by Martin Bell, the celebrated former BBC foreign correspondent who became known as the Man in the White Suit during his 1997-2001 spell in parliament as the independent MP for Tatton.

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02/03/2024 Norky’s ramblings: Dad’s final ship ,,Crossing the equator on the SS Samkansa

Memories of a ‘Liberty’ ship that saw service in the Atlantic and the Pacific

Yorkshire Bylines Local News: Norky’s ramblings: Dad’s final ship

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02/03/2024 Tory "Furore" Looms If Spring Budget Doesn't Shift the Dial ,,Conservative backbench "furore" awaits Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Chancellor Jeremy Hunt if next week's Spring Budget does not go far enough to satisfy their long-standing desire for tax cuts. www.politicshome.com Visit...
01/03/2024 Rishi Sunak Promises "New Framework" To Tackle Extremism As Political Division Hots Up ,,Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced that the government will introduce a new framework for dealing with extremism in the UK, as he declared that "our democracy itself is a target" for threats posed by extremist groups. www.politicshome.com Visit...
01/03/2024 Brexit: despatches from the downside – No 24 ,,Placard with picture of David Davis, then the UK's Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union, with thought bubble and question mark at Unite for Europe march.

In this week's Brexit downsides, extra food labelling costing up to £250mn, a huge drop in overseas students, veterinary shortages in NI, and more

Yorkshire Bylines Local News: Brexit: despatches from the downside – No 24

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01/03/2024 Westminster Is Nervously Braced For George Galloway's Return To The Commons ,,George Galloway's unexpectedly strong victory in the Rochdale by-election for the far-left Workers Party of Britain has triggered concerns that his divisive brand of politics could inflame tensions over Gaza, both inside and outside Westminster. www.politicshome.com Visit...
01/03/2024 ‘There is no money’ could be Hunt’s own note to next chancellor | Larry Elliott ,,

As the chancellor prepares next week’s budget, Labour says it is staring at a dire inheritance. The voters look likely to agree

The past 14 years have been a white-knuckle ride for the British economy. Record low interest rates, money creation from the Bank of England on an industrial scale, Brexit, millions of workers furloughed during the pandemic, the biggest fall in output in at least a century – all that, and a record number of people inactive through long-term ill health. Boring it hasn’t been.

At the end of it all, there is a sense of deja vu as Jeremy Hunt puts the finishing touches to next week’s budget. When Liam Byrne departed the Treasury in 2010 he left a note – meant as a joke – for his successor as chief secretary, which said: “I’m afraid there is no money.” After almost a decade and a half of economic underperformance, Byrne’s words have come back to haunt the Tories.

Economists say George Osborne blundered when he imposed severe austerity measures on a still-fragile economy

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