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18/04/2021 Summer 2021: a bright new dawn for Yorkshire cricket ,,

Hugh Goulbourne discusses the importance of cricket and sport for mental health and community spirit. This summer, the sport will need a boost in funds, resources and inclusivity.

Yorkshire Bylines Local News: Summer 2021: a bright new dawn for Yorkshire cricket

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18/04/2021 Pye of the Week: Pye Black Box, Barnsley Market ,,

The fourteen people a week who miss the point of these articles demand a vicarious comfort-food experience, not meta-textual nonsense about pies.

Yorkshire Bylines Local News: Pye of the Week: Pye Black Box, Barnsley Market

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18/04/2021 Post Brexit UK needs far more scrutiny: introducing the trade and business commission ,,

The goal of the trade and business commission is to assess impacts on UK businesses and consumers of international trade deals and government policy, including with the EU, and make recommendations. An ‘independent SAGE’ of trade perhaps, or an expanded and slightly more flexible parliamentary committee.

Yorkshire Bylines Local News: Post Brexit UK needs far more scrutiny: introducing the trade and business commission

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18/04/2021 George Eustice Says David Cameron "On The Face Of It" Did Nothing Wrong Over Greensill Lobbying Scandal ,,The Environment Secretary has defended the former prime minister over his handling of the Greensill scandal. www.politicshome.com Visit...
18/04/2021 The night Prince Philip told me he was a ‘European mongrel’, and happy that way | Will Hutton ,,

Invited to dinner to muse on the EU, I found little to suggest a latent Brexiter

It was a Monday evening in early 2004 when a group of Europhiles and Europhobes gathered for a Buckingham Palace dinner at the Duke of Edinburgh’s invitation. We were there to discuss the proposed treaty for a European constitution, just written and whose ratification across Europe was about to begin. I had been one of 12 European “thinkers” who had made joint recommendations on what European values should be in its preamble, hence my presence. What followed was one of the most surreal evenings of my life, brought to mind by the three German princes the Duke of Edinburgh insisted should attend yesterday’s funeral.

Evidently he cared about the issue, hosting the dinner after an Atlantic night flight and two public engagements earlier that day. Conversation over pre-dinner drinks was wary – Labour MP Austin Mitchell relieved our awkwardness by switching the lights on his union jack bow tie on and off – and eventually we were ushered through long corridors to a banqueting room, lit by low chandeliers and guttering candles.

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18/04/2021 Boycott Beijing Winter Olympics ,,

Edward McMillan-Scott lays out the reasons countries should boycott the Beijing Winter Olympics. The country is guilty of all five acts of genocide, and persecution continues to spread across the region.

Yorkshire Bylines Local News: Boycott Beijing Winter Olympics

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18/04/2021 Johnson will not stumble until Starmer tackles him on Brexit ,,

Our Houdini PM looks poised to win a byelection in a Labour stronghold, even as his signature policy creates crisis after crisis

The recrudescence of corruption and sleaze in a Conservative government ought, traditionally, to be a sign of electoral problems ahead. This was the case in the dying days of the 13 years of Tory rule from 1951 to 1964, and towards the tail end of the Thatcher-Major governments of 1979-97 – 18 years!

And here we are, with a Conservative government that has been in office – with temporary help from the Liberal Democrats – for almost 11 years since 2010, steeped in accusations of sleaze and corrupt contracts; yet there is a widespread assumption that they will win the byelection in Hartlepool – once a Labour stronghold. Moreover, there is even speculation that if they do well in the local elections, prime minister Boris Johnson could spring a snap election on the back of such results and his supposed success with the vaccination programme, to say nothing of a “consumer boom” as the economy is released from the clampdown induced by the onset of the Plague.

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17/04/2021 Crowning glory: monarch, politics and Parliament in an age of democracy ,,“The more democratic we get,” Walter Bagehot predicted in 1867, “the more we shall get to like state and show, which have ever pleased the vulgar.” The outpouring of tributes triggered by the death of the Duke of Edinburgh indicates that Bagehot was ... www.politicshome.com Visit...
17/04/2021 “Three Errors and Out”: Life at Springfield Mill, West Yorkshire in the 40s and 50s ,,

John Heywood looks back at life at Springfield Mill, West Yorkshire in the 40s and 50s

Yorkshire Bylines Local News: “Three Errors and Out”: Life at Springfield Mill, West Yorkshire in the 40s and 50s

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17/04/2021 Luxury caterpillar takes on budget caterpillar ,,

Paul Bright, in his first article for Yorkshire Bylines, explains the rivalry between Colin the Caterpillar from M&S and Cuthbert from Aldi. Will M&S have a chance at winning the judicial review, or should there be, as Judge Rinder put it, 'caterpillars everywhere'?

Yorkshire Bylines Local News: Luxury caterpillar takes on budget caterpillar

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